Getting a Building Permit

Why do I need a permit?

All major building work carried out in Australia requires a permit issued by the local Council. Building without a permit can result in heavy fines.

Who gets the permit?

In most cases your builder will obtain all the proper permits required for your building to commence. However you may wish to manage this part of the process yourself.

Whatever the choice, the owner is liable for all costs relating to the permit, and allocation of the process should be clearly stipulated in the building contract.

The Permit Checklist

Getting your building permit is the first real step towards construction, but before you make that step you'll need to take many little steps gathering together the following documentation.

The overall form:

  • A completed Application form
  • Payments
    • Building Fee
    • Lodgement Fee
    • Crossing Deposit
    • Inspection Fee
    • Government Levy

Get Professional Advice

Call Vitalmark Constructions on 1800 828 453 if you need any assistance in getting a building permit.

Information relating to your property
  • Certificate of title for your property, a copy is available from the Titles Office
  • Proof of your ownership of the property OR
    proof that you are purchasing the property under Section 9AA of the Sale of Land Act 1962
  • full details of services in any easement
  • 45 degree Angle of Repose details
  • any approval issued by a relevant Authority (eg heritage body, VicCode) for works on the property
  • final Town Planning agreement
Information relating to the building works
  • Housing Guarantee Fund registration (form 10)
  • 3 sets of an allotment plan to a scale of 1:500 or more
  • 3 sets of fully-dimensioned working drawings
  • 3 sets of builders' specifications
  • AS1684,1992 compliant Timber frame and bracing design
  • 3 sets of truss computations & layouts
  • 3 sets of structural Engineers' computations
  • 3 sets of Engineers' Report of existing conditions for Footing system & structural frame elements
  • 3 sets of Energy Rating Report
  • 3 sets of Soil Report
  • details of any proposed work required for protection of persons & public property