Frequently Asked Questions

I have land but no plans...can Vitalmark build my new home?

In conjunction with our architectural partners, Vitalmark can work with you to design and construct the home of your dreams.

I have land, plans but no permits... can Vitalmark help?

Choose Vitalmark for your project and our expert team will take over every aspect of the construction process from Council Approval, through Town Planning if necessary, to final inspection.

We've been told our plans may need to go to Town Planning, what should we do?

Vitalmark's Town Planning team are experts at working with Council on even the trickiest of projects. We will work with you and Council to ensure the smoothest and quickest passage possible.

I have land, plans and permits... how soon can Vitalmark start?

Come and speak to us and together we'll set a date!

How do I get started in property development?

Vitalmark are experts in property development. We can advise, help with an appropriate design and manage the project from design, to Town Planning, to construction and completion.

Get Professional Advice

If you have any questions about building your new home, call Vitalmark Constructions on 1800 828 453. We'll be happy to talk.